IMPORTANT NOTICE: Here's the scoop—these can coolers are even more sought-after than a refreshing drink on a hot day. If you don't sign up to receive the password on the morning of the drop, we can't ensure you'll get one before they sell out. Alerts go out as soon as the BevChiller Shorty Color Drop is available, but we're not responsible if you miss out. Really want a specific one? Set an alarm, mark your calendar, or jot down reminders to stay informed. Best of luck!

BevChiller Shorty

BevChiller Shorty

Citrus Tide — Available Now

BevChiller Shorty

BevChiller Shorty

Violet Dusk — Available Now

BevChiller Shorty

BevChiller Shorty


Color Drop FAQs

How do I get the password for the drop?

The exclusive password will be emailed to you at 10:00am PST the morning of the drop. If you sign up for SMS, it will be texted to you as well. Once you have the password, you can enter it in to access the exclusive drop.

I need. How will I know when this colour drops?

We love the enthusiasm. Don’t you worry — we’ll give you all the details before the drop happens. Sign up using the 'notify me' to get the password the morning of the drop and follow us on social to stay in the loop.

Will these colors be restocked if I don't get one?

Color Drops are limited edition BevChillers that we can't guarantee will be restocked in the near future. If the item becomes sold out before you can complete your pre-order, unfortunately, we won't be able to guarantee it's availability in the future.

How many sticker packs will I receive if I order multiple products?

One exclusive sticker pack per product ordered.